About us

First of all we talk a little bit about the beginning

My business arises from the idea of moving in the same way as the tunning that is done to cars or the modding that is done to computers to the Playmobil world, so I chose the word Playmoing for the customization of figures, dioramas, etc. from Playmobil.

For this I offer a lot of variety of references. When I opened in 2014 our store on Ebay gave the leap to turn the Playmoing idea into an online store like Playmoingstore

My philosophy.

Working with total professionalism and looking for my customers to place their orders by selecting from a wide assortment of references, we highlight that my assortment is composed of new material in its original or used packaging in perfect condition.

Our environment is continually evolving and my interest is to improve and innovate with the aim of offering a better service to my customers


We hope that you like my online store and that it will be a very useful tool to be able to place orders at your interest.

The store is 100% online although I also deliver orders by hand in Alcalá de Guadaíra if you previously indicate the order you place and we are left for delivery.

I can combine orders between the material available between my online stores: